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Perth Window Cleaning
Pricing and Cost

Hi, I'm David, owner/operator of HomeBrite Window Cleaning

PHONE DAVID : 0426 258 876

When searching for window cleaning prices here in Perth, it's like asking the question : "how long is a piece of string?"

I've been doing this work now for over 15 years and I've had a lot of feedback from customers, not only about how much they've paid, but the quality of work.

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How Much Does Professional Window Cleaning Cost?

Notice the question is asking how much "professional window cleaning" costs.

If you truly want a top job completed well the first time around, then hiring somebody with experience and the appropriate equipment is essential.

The price of window cleaning in Perth can vary widely.

There are cleaning services that offer window cleaning.

There's many a start up who is new to the industry and has little experience.

There's your fly by night cowboys who charge top dollar, do a quick slap up job then disappear. 

But all in all, I've found most window cleaning services to be honest, reliable and their work professional.

You couldn't remain in this industry otherwise.

window cleaning cost

So How Much Do I Charge For Window Cleaning?

I price per job, not by the hour.

This means once I've given you a price, that's it!

If I haven't already given you a quote, I'll always add up the cost of the job before I start.

This is a lot more relaxing for everyone .. I'm not stressing and rushing through the work to meet some arbitrary hourly rate, and if it takes longer than expected, you're not worrying about any extra charges.

I work out the cost of a job by the amount of windows, window styles, ease of access and the level of cleaning that's going to be needed to get them clear and streak free.

The Cost Of Window Cleaning For Single Story Homes

If you have a standard 3 or 4 bedroom home, I can give you a price over the phone.

Things that can add to the price are French doors, colonial panels or post renovation window cleaning.

I also have clients who get there wardrobe and bathroom mirrors and other internal glass cleaned, and of course, this will add to the price too.

The Cost Of Cleaning Windows For 2 Storey Homes

I like to say I "specialise" in double storey homes, simply because I've done so many of them now over the years.

Also, a fair few customers have remarked how other window cleaners have shied away from certain harder to access or trickier windows.

I can count on two fingers the times where I simply just couldn't access a window.

But the price for cleaning windows in a 2 storey home can vary widely to be honest.

Some can be smaller units, others sprawling mansions.

So I generally will view the property first.

Again, the quote I give you is the price you'll pay, no unexpected extra charges.

Professional Window Cleaning Services

Cleaning windows isn't just about getting your glass clean and streak free.

That's why I offer a complete window cleaning service as well as cleaning other types of glass throughout your home.

I also specialize in 2 story homes, and with a pure water fed pole system, there isn't a window I cant reach!


“ David has been cleaning our windows and glass pool fence for more than 6 years and does an outstanding job every time. He is friendly, trustworthy and punctual. We cannot recommend him highly enough!”

Nerissa Stander

“I have been using David to clean my windows for nearly 10 years. He is very thorough, trustworthy, reliable and respectful. Highly recommended. ”

Jenny Dejoode

“David did an amazing job on my windows, tracks and screens, and what was even more amazing is that he didn't turn the job down when he saw the pitch of my two storey tin roof as all others before him had done. I'm very happy and very thankful. Cheers David! ”

Sue Stott

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