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Residential Window Cleaning
Perth and Suburbs

Hi, I'm David, owner/operator of HomeBrite Window Cleaning

PHONE DAVID : 0426 258 876

The need for residential window cleaning has grown in Perth throughout the years and seems like it will continue for a while yet.

There always seems to be a new suburb being built and these homes all require window cleaning at some point.

residential window cleaning

Window Styles of Residential Homes

These newer style homes can have a surprising amount of windows too.

Instead of just having the standard 2 panes with a window that slides open, many homes have 4 to 6, and sometimes even 8, panes of glass in a window set. 

There's also a number of window styles.

From the standard 2 panes to colonial style and panelled glass, louvred windows, wind-out windows, Aneeta sashless windows and just plain big windows!

Window glass can also have different treatments and coatings too like e-glass and other tints.

I even have a client who has a bullet-proof application on some windows .. true.

There's also different frames and frame materials.


Aluminium is still widely used as well as steel, PVC and wood.

residential window styles

Residential Window Cleaning Services

Cleaning windows isn't just about getting your glass clean and streak free.

That's why I offer a complete window cleaning service as well as cleaning other types of glass throughout your home.

I also specialize in 2 story homes, and with a pure water fed pole system, there isn't a window I cant reach!

Is it Worth Hiring a Professional Window Cleaner?

Well I'm obviously going to say yes!

But seriously, a home is a big investment, and windows are really expensive.

Having to replace them due to permanent hard water staining, or even having to get them acid washed is going to work out more expensive in the long run.

Some people don't mind cleaning their own windows and can do a pretty good job.

I do come across windows though where I can see someone's had a go at getting them clean .. I can see all the streaks!

Another issue for some home owners is removing the screens.

I'm constantly coming across bent and dinted up screens where somebody's had an attempt at removing them.

This just makes them harder to remove and refit and increases the likelihood of them becoming more bent .. plus it looks bad. 

Homes always require maintenance, and keeping the windows clean should be looked at as part of that routine.

It's also just so much nicer in a house with streak free clean windows.

If you're looking through grubby windows at your place and would like to see them sparkling clean, please get in touch either by phone or the contact form above, and I'll be happy to help you out.


“ David has been cleaning our windows and glass pool fence for more than 6 years and does an outstanding job every time. He is friendly, trustworthy and punctual. We cannot recommend him highly enough!”

Nerissa Stander

“I have been using David to clean my windows for nearly 10 years. He is very thorough, trustworthy, reliable and respectful. Highly recommended. ”

Jenny Dejoode

“David did an amazing job on my windows, tracks and screens, and what was even more amazing is that he didn't turn the job down when he saw the pitch of my two storey tin roof as all others before him had done. I'm very happy and very thankful. Cheers David! ”

Sue Stott

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