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Updated: Jan 21

This home in a coastal suburb of Perth was being put on the market, so part of preparing the property to look it's best was having the windows professionally cleaned.

2storey coastal home, Perth

Being an older property meant a few jobs needed doing to bring it up to scratch, and some renovations were completed.

This meant that the windows needed a thorough and detailed clean.

Having the windows cleaned really makes a big difference to how potential buyers feel about a property.

It's something you don't always consciously notice .. but you notice dirty windows.

Cleaning Paint From Windows

There were a set of doors and windows that opened up to the pool and entertainment area.

They had a fair amount of paint splatter as well as near the frame edges where the paint brush overlapped.

bi-fold doors window cleaning on 2 storey home

But they cleaned up nicely as did the glass pool panels to really present this area at it's best.

cleaning glass pool panels in a 2 storey home

The Challenges of 2 Storey Window Cleaning

Some double storey properties can be more interesting than others!

Architects have great ideas, but not the window cleaner in mind when designing some homes.

The windows in this property weren't all standard styles, but having a flat roof-line made the job easier.

Along with using a pure water fed system, with extension poles and ladders most windows can be reached.

It's very rare that I come across a 2 storey home where I can't access all the windows.


If you have a property you're putting on the market, please give get in touch.

I'd be happy to clean the windows and be a part of getting the property looking it's best.

Phone David : 0426 258 876


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