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Windows come in all shapes, sizes and condition.

I've think I've seen all of them in my time as a professional window cleaner.

windows with hard water stains

Every window cleaning job is different, as every home can require a different level of cleaning.

Some homes have window glass in very good condition due to regular maintenance.

Other properties haven't had the windows cleaned for years and the glass, as well as frames and screens, have degraded over time.


Your windows may still look dirty in the unlikely, and unfortunate event, you hired cleaners who did a shabby job.

In this instance you should totally demand that it be rectified, or at least get compensated.

But in all honesty, cowboy window cleaners are far and few between.

You simply won't last long in this industry unless you achieve professional results.

So rest easy, whichever window cleaning company you decide on, chances are you'll be happy with the results.

So, you've had your windows professionally cleaned and you've noticed there's still spots, marks and other stains left on the glass.

The reason your windows may still look dirty after having them cleaned is likely due to hard water and other staining.

Yes, it can be disappointing when expectations aren't met.

But unfortunately window glass is subject to deterioration when it isn't maintained regularly.


cleaning water stains from window glass

There's a few factors that contribute to permanent damage to window glass.


One of the most common forms of damage is hard water staining.

This occurs because dirt left on window glass will trap moisture, and not only any minerals in the actual water, but also the dirt itself can release contaminants.

These contaminants eat into the glass, so it isn't something that can simply be cleaned away, the glass itself is pitted, or etched.


Windows that aren't cleaned regularly are more prone to stains due to the dirt that sits on the glass for extended periods of time.

When windows aren't frequently cleaned, the fly-screens are never removed either.

Screens will trap more dust and moisture, accelerating the process.

Leaching from window frames is another culprit I see now and again.

Depending on the type of material the frames are made of, different chemicals, silicones and other residue can find it's way onto the glass.

I usually find these permanent stains at the top of the windows running down.

It's more than likely water has washed down minerals, metals and other substances off the frame.

Silica leaching out of seals is another culprit.

Sprinklers that hit the windows can create a calcium build up and especially if you're using bore water, you're going to be left with that typical yellow/brown staining.

Pressure cleaning can also spray lime from the concrete onto the glass, and if not washed off promptly will damage the windows.

pressure cleaning near windows

I've also come across stains that can't be removed that occurred from the actual build itself.

Someone has spilt paint, varnish or some type of solvent on the glass and simply just wiped it off with a rag instead of making sure the glass was cleaned correctly.


applying tint to home windows

Any tints or window treatments need particular care.

Never use sticky tape or Blu-Tack to hang decorations.

When the tape or Blu-Tack is removed, it will leave a permanent mark, which the window cleaner won't be able to clean.

Never, ever use anything abrasive, such as the green side of the kitchen sponge, it will scratch the tint.

Tints also degrade over time to varying degrees, depending on the type of tint, quality and how well it was installed.

I've seen bubbling, peeling and strange hazing, which isn't due to the window cleaner not cleaning thoroughly.


"Aluminium foil, what's that got to do with window cleaning?" I hear you ask.

People that work night shifts or want to block out heat from direct sunlight, will use aluminium foil.

Yes, it does the trick and it's easy to apply, as it will generally just hold against the glass.

But with heat and moisture, the aluminium will leach out and your left with pitted internal windows.

That's why I never use the stuff for cooking.


If the idea of cleaning your own windows on a regular basis sends shivers down your spine, then get in touch and I'll be happy to do the hard work for you!

Phone David: 0426 258 876

or use my contact form :


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