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Updated: Jan 21

2 questions I often get asked by my customers are:

" How often should I clean my windows? " which I've covered in an article you can check out here.

" What do you use? ", by which they mean what sort of solution or detergent do I have in my bucket.

professional window cleaning bucket


Most professional window cleaners will use a mild detergent, which here in Australia is usually Morning Fresh or something similar.

This often surprises people, as they're expecting you to have some secret window cleaning solution.

I use Morning Fresh as it's non-caustic, bio-degradable and PH neutral.

This means it cannot cause any harm or staining on any surfaces such as sills, frames, fascia's or anything else it may drip onto to.

Different window cleaners will add their own amount to their bucket of water, some preferring a weaker mix, others a stronger mix.

I tend to make it somewhere in-between, as too weaker a solution and the squeegee doesn't always slide as well.

I've tried all the professional window cleaning solutions that often sell at a higher cost and to be honest, Morning Fresh does the better job.

Morning Fresh stays soapy and sticks to the window better without running down the glass.

I've also used other detergents when Morning Fresh wasn't available and found them to also be highly effective.

There are additives available too, such as wetting solutions and other formulas to help the squeegee rubber slide more efficiently, but again, I've never found them to make that much of a difference.

Pure Water Pole Fed Window Cleaning System

For exterior windows, especially on 2 storey properties, I'll generally use a pure water fed system.

pure water pole fed window cleaning system

The tap water runs through various filters and resins which creates pure water with no contaminants.

Used in conjunction with specially designed brushes to scrub the glass, the windows dry completely clear and streak free.

It also means the windows can be accessed from the ground using lightweight poles specifically made for this purpose.

Not only does it give amazing results, it's also less physically demanding for the window cleaner, as there's less climbing up and down ladders.

Again, being nothing but pure water, it cannot damage or stain any fascia's or frames.

In fact, it has less contaminants than rain water!

Professional Window Cleaning Tools

So now you know the secret sauce that the pros use, it's off to Bunnings to by a squeegee and a bucket!

professional window cleaning tools

Well, I hate to burst your bubble (excuse the pun), but the window cleaning tools found in your local hardware store ain't going to cut it.

Not only do professionals use quality made squeegees, the rubber used is also of a high quality.

There's also a plethora of various squeegee designs for various applications and uses (I know, because I've quite a collection now!)

Then you need to know what you can and can't scrub glass with so as not to create scratches or damage, especially on low E glass and other tints.

Professionals have glass safe applicators and scrubbing cloths for removing stubborn insect spots and other dirt.

Then there's the simple fact that it takes time and experience to get handy enough with a squeegee so as not to leave streaks in a quick and efficient manner.

Cleaning Screens

No point having beautifully clear streak free windows to then put back dusty fly-screens.

a window cleaner washing fly screens

One thing I see all the time is bent and buckled screens due to somebody trying to remove them.

Screens can be fitted in various ways and it's important to know how to remove them without causing damage.

But once removed, they can be thoroughly cleaned.

Different window cleaners will have their own system and method of doing this.

I will usually soap them up, which encapsulates the dirt, then tap or flick off the water which carries the dirt with it.

Then I'll give them a wipe over with a clean rag.

Alternatively, if I have the water fed system running, I'll use a nylon bristle brush as it works a treat for getting into the mesh and the water rinses them clean.


I hope you've enjoyed this article and it has answered the question of what professionals use for cleaning windows.

If you still feel overwhelmed by having to clean your own windows, maybe reading another article I wrote: 5 Reasons To Hire A Professional Window Cleaner, will remove any guilt you may have!

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