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This is a very common question, but a good one.

It means you're thinking ahead and eliminating any potential concerns, not just for the window cleaner, but also for yourself.

looking ahead sign against blue sky

The first thing you'll need to do is get the coffee on .. white no sugar thanks!

Just kidding of course, but generally you can sit back and relax and watch your grubby windows turn into clear, streak free glass.

Having your windows professionally cleaned is a simple and hassle free undertaking. But some preparation will make it more efficient for the cleaner and possibly cheaper for yourself.


Cleaning internal windows creates no mess and the amount of water used is negligible.

So no need to worry about any carpets, rugs or floors, as I always use towels and drop sheets anyway.


In most cases, no.

a man moving a sofa away from the windows

I really don't mind moving the odd chair or sofa, floor lamp and other furnishings that might be in the way.

But if it's a heavy sofa or other item and there's a risk that dragging it could damage the carpet or scratch the floor, then yes I'd advise moving it.

Computer desks sitting under windows are another obstacle I come across.

Sometimes they simply can't be moved due to not only the weight, but the amount of cables and power chords attached.

I have extensions and specialised squeegees to be able to reach over many an obstacle and squeeze behind furniture.

But if possible, moving monitors is always helpful.

But in saying that, when I walk into a house and the customer has already moved everything out the way, it is appreciated.


Yes and no, let me explain.

I've perused a few window cleaners websites and many suggest taking down the curtains and blinds.

a woman opening window blinds

Personally, I never find it an issue ... except .. NET CURTAINS!

They are the most annoying style of curtains for a window cleaner to navigate.

They're hardly ever able to be slid out of way easily, and they get hung up on my squeegees and other tools hanging off my hips.

They also make it difficult if you have windows that need to be accessed by removing them from the frame, such as with security grills.

Awning Windows will have the fly-screens fitted to the inside.

Usually it's a straight forward job to remove the screen.

But if the brackets for the blinds are fitted too close to the window frame at the top, it eliminates the space needed to lift the screen up into in order to clear the wind-out handle at the bottom.

In these instances, I do have methods to be able to clean the internal glass from outside.

But it's quicker for me and cheaper for you if these blinds are removed.

Plus, the screen is abled to be cleaned more thoroughly if needed.


Yes, I definitely recommend moving ornaments and other items from the window sills.

ornaments on window sill

A couple of reasons, one being it's time consuming for me to remove them, as often they can be delicate and I don't want to break them.

If I do move them, I'll guarantee they won't be placed back exactly as they were!

Second reason is I don't want to break them and I don't want to be held responsible for damaging a possibly expensive ornament, plus you won't want anything broken either.

Also those dreamcatchers, fairy lights and other decorative items often get in the way, so it's definitely one less thing that I'm going to get snagged on as I maneuver the squeegee across the window.


Some window stickers are okay, but there's some that are quite raised and the squeegee can't glide over them.

If these are permanent, and removing them isn't something you want to do, it's no big deal to work around them.

But anything hanging from the window by those suction cups or hooks I'll need to remove, so much appreciated if you can take them down.


It really does save me a lot of time if all the windows, sliding doors and screens are unlocked.

Especially if I'm cleaning out the tracks.

man unlocking glass doors

It's quite frustrating when working your way through a home to come across a locked window, only to wait until the owner searches through a pile of keys trying to find the right one.

Also, customers may need to leave for work before I arrive and they're quite happy to leave a front door key out so as I can let myself in.

In this case it's super important, not to unlock the windows and doors, but leave the keys out for me.

It's disappointing for me and the client if there's a window or two, or a set of tracks I simply couldn't clean due to being unable to open a locked window.


I mostly use the pure water system for external windows.

This method allows me to clean high and harder to reach windows, as well as being safer and less physically demanding.

But obstacles can still be a hindrance, on single as well as 2 storey homes.

I do come across wheelbarrows, canoes, building materials, bicycles and all sorts stacked in front of or under the windows.

wheelbarrow underneath window

This can make it tricky, especially when removing screens.

So it's a great idea to make sure that the window cleaner has a clear path around the property.


roller shutters over glass doors

These are never an issue, as if they're closed when I arrive , I simply wind them up, or if they're electric, hit the button as I go around cleaning the inside windows.


Just like windows, it saves time if any gates are unlocked.

With the layout of some homes, I do need to gain access, or run my hoses through the garage.

But there's usually a FOB somewhere on the wall, I've become quite apt at spotting them.


It's not a great idea to have plant life growing against or resting on windows.

Besides making the windows difficult to clean, it can also degrade your glass by holding dirt and moisture.

window overgrown with vines

It also makes it nigh on impossible to get a perfectly clean window.

It really is a nuisance trying to squeeze in between bushes and branches to access a window ... especially rose bushes!

So I would highly recommend keeping plant life trimmed for keeping your windows in good order for years to come.

The Final Takeaway

Wow! Seems like such a long article, I hope it hasn't deterred you from hiring a professional window cleaner!

To be honest, there's very little you need to do, if anything.

But it's good to have an understanding of how to make your window cleaning experience as smooth as possible.


If the idea of cleaning your own windows on a regular basis sends shivers down your spine, then get in touch and I'll be happy to do the hard work for you!

Phone David: 0426 258 876

or use my contact form :


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