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Perth's climate has got to be one of the best in the world for a window cleaner to work in.

Sure, it can get hot now and again, but generally it's lovely all year around .... but it can have it's hazards.

a paper wasp nest near a window

The summer months is the time when those horrible paper wasps get busy making their nests and raising their larvae.


I've seen a variety of animal and insect life over the years whilst cleaning windows.

I've had a bandicoot come up and sniff my shoes, even had a dugite slither away out of a garden bed.

I come across those black window spiders all the time and they're harmless enough.

black window spider

There's always the daddy long leg spiders of course, huntsman spiders, also bees and even other mud wasps and insects.

None of them bother me, but those paper wasps are awful little buggers!

A Time of Year to be Wary

It was a few years ago now, but I was on a roof cleaning windows when I got attacked by these paper wasps.

I had about 10 of them all over my face stinging me, and being on a roofline, I couldn't get away in a hurry.

They actually target your eyes, they'll aim straight at your face.

In an hour or so my face had swollen up and took a couple of days to subside, quite a frightening experience.

Once Bitten Twice Shy

Since then, I'm always looking under the eaves for these little nasties.

Trouble is, you can't always see them, as their nests can be tucked away behind beams and the like.

paper wasp nest under window eaves

I have a regular client whose outside attic windows I can't clean due to a paper wasps nest being hidden somewhere.

I even used my pole fed system so I was a good 20 feet or so away and still, a couple of wasps made a beeline for my face, one landing on my glasses.

A Matter of Safety

If there's a live paper wasp nest that can cause an issue, I simply won't go near that window.

It's a matter of safety, when on a roof or up a ladder, the last thing you need is to be attacked by insect life.

An Easy Solution

If you have these horrible creatures living in your roof or eaves somewhere, it's a simple enough procedure to get rid of them.

wasp killer spray

Once you've located the nest or nests, wait until dusk, as they're all happily tucked away for the night.

If you hit the nest during the day, there's still stray wasps flying around that will return.

Also, they won't come out of their nest and attack you.

Then simply spray them with a good wasp killer.

These sprays have a jet that can reach a good few feet, so you don't need to get close to the nest.

Also, these sprays are a neurotoxin, so maybe wear gloves just in case.

They will kill the wasps instantly.

Some Suburbs are More Risky Than Others

I usually find paper wasps are only an issue in certain areas of Perth.

The hills areas for example, and more rural and semi-rural properties.

I've never come across these wasps in coastal areas or the inner suburbs, although I did come across a nest once in Scarborough.

Whichever suburb you live in, it's a good idea to check for these nasties, especially on 2 storey properties and if you have the window cleaners coming out!


Looking through dirty windows but can't face cleaning them yourself?

Then get in touch and I'll be happy to do the hard work for you!

Phone David: 0426 258 876

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