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Regular home maintenance includes keeping the windows clean, and is vital if you want to keep your property in good shape and holding it's value.

But perhaps you're unsure of the cost of hiring a window cleaner.

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It's difficult to put a price on having your windows cleaned, as not only do cleaners have varying rates, but every home can be different and require more or less time and effort.

The cost of having your windows cleaned will depend on how many windows you have, the style of windows and ease of access, plus other factors.

But there certainly is a price to pay for not cleaning your windows.

The glass, as well as screens and even frames, can deteriorate over time and in the long run work out more expensive.

You can learn more about the benefits of regular window cleaning in this article: The True Cost of Not Cleaning Your Windows


Perhaps you've been phoning around chasing estimates for your windows to be cleaned.

Maybe you're surprised as it seems more expensive than you initially thought.

Or maybe you're curious as to why the prices vary so much.

Most reputable operators and window cleaning companies will generally be around the same ball park figure.

This is because they know their worth and quality of work.

I know from my own experience, that when you're starting out there's a tendency to under charge.

This can mean that the cheaper quote you received may be from a cleaner who hasn't had as much experience, not just with cleaning, but knowing how to quote accurately.

We all have to start somewhere, so this doesn't mean they will provide an inferior job, it may just take them longer.

There is the saying: "you get what you pay for", so it's worth being aware that cheapest isn't always best.

They're far and few between, but there are the slap and dash cowboys out there.

Cheap and cheerful, but not a professional finish.

The main aspects that will impact the cost is the style of windows you have and their accessibility.

Colonial panels, French panes, leadlight glass and louvred windows all add up to more time and more money.

High and harder to reach windows are also going to be calculated into the price.

So obviously a 2 storey home will probably work out more expensive than a single storey property.


Something else to keep in mind is the difference between a quotation and an estimation.

Quotes are a fixed price that is agreed upon before any work is undertaken.

An estimation is a price with some give and take, usually from lowest to highest.

If the job takes longer than the window cleaner expected, then you may be paying the full amount.

I rarely give estimates, unless I can see it's a job that could possibly be more work than it appears.

Some windows are like that, you don't realise how dirty they are until you start cleaning them.

Personally, I prefer quotes and I always let the customer know before I start the job.

No surprises for the customer, and I know exactly what the final cost is.


I sometimes get asked: "how much do you charge an hour?"

Well I don't!

I'm no fan of hourly rates because of the reasons already mentioned.

It leaves the customer in the dark, and if it does take longer than expected, then the client may not be too happy with the final price.

Also, I can have my lunch without watching the clock (to be honest, I rarely sit down for more than 15 minutes)

And there are occasions where I may need to pop out to Bunnings or somewhere else as well as making some phone calls.

The customer can get the impression they're being charged for your down time.


lady looking at window cleaning bill

It can seem expensive to some people, as it's "just washing windows, right?"

There's more to professional window cleaning that a bottle of Windex (which is rubbish btw) and some rags.

Not only is there a fairly physical aspect to the job, it takes years to become genuinely proficient with various squeegees, cleaning glass using a squeegee on an extension pole and other techniques.

Knowing how to access a window, remove a window and basically work your way around a home in the safest and quickest manner.

Knowing how to clean tinted and coated glass without causing damage.

Knowing how to remove and re-fit screens without damage.

The investment in tools, which may surprise you.

It's not a trip down to Bunnings to pick up a couple of squeegees and a bucket!

I have a quite a collection of specialised squeegees and other necessities.

As well as the initial outlay, a pure water fed system runs the cost of a few hundred dollars every time the tanks need fresh resin and filters.

Plus the brushes and attachments aren't cheap and require replacement every so often.

Did I mention insurance?

There's also petrol, wear and tear and servicing of a vehicle.

No holiday pay, no sick pay.

Window cleaning can be quite seasonal too, not as much work in the winter months.

Last but not least, shoes!!

No really, I go through so many pairs of shoes because they're always getting wet.


Obviously my answer is going to be yes!

But they really are, as we have the right equipment to get the job done properly and efficiently the first time around.

Ever cleaned your windows, just to do the other side and notice streaks on the side you've done? Frustrating eh?

Especially if you have high and difficult to reach windows or a double storey property.

The cost of a decent ladder runs into the hundreds of dollars, may as well hire someone who already has one and can clean the windows for you.


saving on window cleaning costs

There are some ways to get a lower quote for your window cleaning.

If you have internal fly-screens, keep on top of them as you do the vacuuming and dusting.

This will save the window cleaner needing to spend more time washing them.

Same with tracks, or sliders, keep on top of dead flies and dust as you do the vacuuming.

There's a couple of tips on how to get on the good side of your window cleaner!


If your looking for a professional window cleaner to get your windows sparkling again, please get in touch!

Phone David: 0426 258 876

or use my contact form :


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