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I've cleaned the windows once before on the red two storey house, but the adjoining property is having the windows washed for the first time.

cleaning windows on 2 double storey homes in Joondanna

Both these Joondanna homes are owned and lived in by two sisters and their families.

Although it was a long and hot day, it made sense to clean both properties at the same time.


Both houses had tricky high windows in the entrance area, and having staircases too can sometimes make it difficult to place a ladder.

cleaning high internal windows in a Joondanna home

Cleaning off an extension pole is often the safest, quickest and less physically demanding way to access high windows.

But this glass had a tint applied to it, which can often times cause the squeegee blade to stick or drag, leaving streaks.

Fortunately these windows were fine, although I did need to access off the ladder for the smaller window.

I often get customer feedback that window cleaners won't take on a job due to tricky to access glass.

But I always find it quite satisfying to work out ways and methods to be able to clean certain windows, keeps the job challenging!

Cleaning Windows in Direct Sun

It was another stinker of a day, and the rear window glass was already hot to the touch due to baking in the morning sun for a couple of hours.

I have an assortment of squeegees and tools in my van, one of them is my favourite when it comes to cleaning windows in direct sun, or glass with a tint or coating applied.

These windows had both, tinted and baking hot!

This clever little tool has a pad which constantly pushes water in front of the blade, so you're never dragging a squeegee over dry glass.

Cleaning Dirty and Dusty Fly-Screens

It was a couple of years since I cleaned the windows and screens, but I was surprised at how much dust they had collected.

The screen material was in good shape, but it was a bit loose, not stretched as tight as could be.

The more taught the screen is, the easier to soap up and flick off, making for a more efficient clean.

But as you can see by the above before and after photos, they still came up really well.

Plantation Shutters and Awning Windows

Over to the house next door which had completely different style of windows.

The home owners are never told, or maybe the folk that fit plantation shutters may not realise.

But when you fit these style shutters to single awning windows, you can no longer remove the fly-screens due to the frame overhang of the shutters.

It does create a bit more messing about for the window cleaner, as there's a couple of options of how to access this inside glass.

One method is to remove the two screws attaching the wind-out chain to the bottom of the window frame.

This allows for the window to be opened up enough to be able soap and squeegee clean.

This is okay on the ground floor windows where you have a firmer footing to be able to hold the window open with one hand and squeegee with the other.

But it's not a very safe practice when you're up on a ladder.

The second method, which I prefer, is I use a narrower cleaning applicator that attaches to the pure water pole fed system.

This means I can safely get in under the window and clean and rinse the glass from the ground.

Keeping Your Solar Panels Clean

As well as windows, I also clean solar panels, skylights and any other glass you may have on your roof.

solar panel cleaning on Joondanna double storey home

Spot the panel that hasn't been cleaned!

As you can see in the above photo, washing all the dirt and insect spots off brings the solar panels up a treat.

Keeping your solar panels in good condition means you'll maximise their efficiency and they won't degrade over the years.


Double or single storey, windows, solar panels, mirrors and any other type of glass, get in touch and I'll be happy to clean them for you.

Phone David: 0426 258 876

or use my contact form :



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