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It seems like there's always household chores that need doing, so is it worth the time or expense to keep your windows clean?

the benefits of window cleaning


The last thing most people want to do in their spare time is housework.

But maintaining your home is important, and amongst the many maintenance jobs, keeping your windows and glass in good order has many short and long term benefits.

Washing your windows on a regular basis is important to keep them in good condition and prevent degradation, but there's also many other benefits to routine window cleaning.

1. Improved Health and Air Quality

mould on window glass and frames

Something I've come across a few times is a build up of mould, not just around the internal window frames, but on the glass itself.

Breathing in mould can be really hazardous for your health.

Windows that don't get opened much or have curtains hanging over them seem to be more prone.

Internal windows can also accumulate dust as well as nicotine odours, cooking odours and smoke from a fireplace.

If you're someone who is sensitive to allergies, then clean windows equate to better air quality.

2. Improved Mood

happy woman looking through clean windows

I often get comments when I've done a job how it makes the customer feel better looking through clean windows.

I find it satisfying looking back at a job well done, but it's true that having clean windows will lift your mood.

More light can enter the home, plus there's just something psychologically pleasing about seeing through clean glass.

3. Curb Appeal

modern home with clean windows

You may have a lovely garden and a style of house you're pleased with, but dirty windows can really detract from the overall appearance of a property.

How nice is it to turn into your driveway and be met by a home with sparkling windows.

Maybe because I do it for a living, but I always notice whether a house has clean windows or not.

4. Efficiency

applying tinting to home windows

Here in Perth, due to our sunny weather and hot summers, many home owners have e-glass, comfort glass or other style tints on their windows.

These coatings can be subject to grubby fingerprints, wet pet noses and other contaminants.

As you cannot use anything abrasive on these window films, it's a sensible idea to keep them clean.

More so in the cooler months, you'll want your windows clean to allow in more light and hence more heat, keeping the house warm and saving on your heating bill.

5. Maintaining Property Value

property value infographic

Just like any other aspect of your home, be it the garden, roof and gutters, or keeping a fresh coat of paint on the walls, looking after your windows helps to maintain the value of the property.

Windows, frames and even the fly-screens will deteriorate over time if not cared for.

The glass can get hard water stains, and even if the fly-screens stay in one piece, when they're not washed regularly they lose that new look.

In the long run, it makes sense having a regular window cleaning routine.


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6. Pest Control

cobwebs around window

Have you ever noticed how quickly cobwebs return after brushing them down?

Those pesky daddy long leg spiders are the culprit as well as the black window spiders.

I'm always knocking down their webs and brushing them away, but as I'm cleaning the glass they're running up the wall again toward the window!

Cobwebs also appear on the inside windows too, usually in the top corners behind blinds or curtains.

Frames also accumulate insect poo spots as well as bee spots on the glass.

Window tracks can often be the final resting place for flies too! So they will need a brush and vacuum.


Handy Hint: if you're having the pest control guys out to spray the house, they spray around the windows too.

This leaves a residue running down the glass and frames.

It's recommended to allow 7 to 10 days before having the windows cleaned so as not to wash off the insect repellent.


7. Work Smarter, Not Harder

easy and hard signs

There's more involved in window cleaning than just the glass, but if it's done on a regular basis it's going to be easier in the long run.

When left for too long, it's just going to be harder and require more elbow grease to get the windows, frames and screens looking good again.

Which leads nicely on to benefit number 8 ...

8. Create More Free Time

save time clock

More so if you're having your windows professionally cleaned, as you won't have to lift a finger!


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But even if you clean your own windows, when done routinely it's a quick maintenance job rather than something that's going to eat into your spare time.

9. Safety

professional window leaner on a ladder

Some windows, especially on double storey homes, can be awkward to access, and if you clean the windows regularly yourself, you're going to spend less time on a ladder or roofline scrubbing away to get them clean.

If you really don't like the idea of climbing ladders and walking across roofs, then hiring a professional is the safest option.


If the idea of cleaning your own windows on a regular basis sends shivers down your spine, then get in touch and I'll be happy to do the hard work for you!

Phone David: 0426 258 876

or use my contact form :


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