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I've been cleaning the windows on this double storey Kalamunda home for quite a few years now.

window cleaning a 2 storey Kalamunda home

I usually clean the windows twice a year, but this time around it was over a year and a half since my last visit.


It was getting on for 40 Celsius, and this home has a variety of window styles from wind-out windows, louvres, French doors and panes as well as very high windows!

cleaning French doors on a Kalamunda home

As well as wind-out windows, there's also wind-out French panes.

Not the most straightforward glass to clean, but I use the water fed system with a narrow applicator to be able to reach the insides without needing to unlatch the window to swing it out.

You do get wet, but it's a pleasant way to cool off!

Cleaning a Large Pane of Glass

Most of the windows in this home aren't particularly large, but the one in the bathroom is fairly sizable and needed to be cleaned in two halves due to the bathtub being in the way.

Cleaning Louvred Windows

There is a few sets of louvred windows, in the bathroom and kitchen.

Again, I use the pure water system to get a clear and streak free finish.

Accessing Windows via the Roof

Although the pole fed system makes reaching high windows possible without the use of a ladder, sometimes you still need to walk around the roofline to access certain windows.

2 storey windows on a Kalamunda house

It can get pretty warm on a tin roof, luckily there weren't too many windows to clean.

Cleaning High Windows

There were some high windows, that back in the day before I invested in the pure water system, I would have to climb up and down the ladder numerous times.

The pole fed system is not only safer, it's less tiring and delivers fantastic results.

The advantage of warmer weather is that the glass does dry off quicker.

The windows looked great and another happy customer was made.


Whether you live in Kalamunda or another suburb in Perth, if you have windows that need a clean, get in touch and I'll be happy to help.

Phone David: 0426 258 876

or use my contact form :



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